Opening Hours : from 6h30 a.m to 20 p.m daily
  Contact : +84 904 519 080

Why choose us?

Thu Cuc International General Hospital (belonging to Zinnia Corporation) was officially established and put into operation under the model of Hospital-Hotel since August 2011. During the past five years, the Hospital has gradually asserted its brand for both the quality of healthcare and customer services.

Thu Cuc Hospital has the total surface area of 5,500m², well equipped with advanced facilities and medical equipment. Our Diagnostic Imaging Department includes a variety of current medical devices such as 64-slice CT scanner, Meter Osteoporosis DEXUMT, etc., Why Choose Uibility tests… Especially, Thu Cuc Hospital has a system of sterile single-door operating rooms which are considered to be most advanced ones.

In addition to the substantial investment of latest medical facilities and devices, Thu Cuc Hospital has also attracted a team of highly skilled domestic and international physicians. To date, Thu Cuc Hospital has signed many comprehensive cooperation agreements with various professionals, international hospitals and organizations such as collaboration with a team of leading oncologists from Singapore for cancer treatment, V Plastic Group from Korea for plastic surgery, etc.

With the aim of improving the healthcare service quality, transferring and updating the latest medical technology, building a hospital-hotel meeting the international standards, Thu Cuc Hospital desires to seek cooperation, collaboration with skilled and experienced medical specialists and physicians worldwide.