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From March of 2017, Thu Cuc Hospital will donate 5000 packages of breast cancer and prostate cancer screening to people in the provinces where there is the presence of Thu Cuc clinics all over the country. The event also draws the participation of various famous artists such as Xuan Hinh, Van Dung và Cong Ly, etc. This helps raise awareness of the importance of cancer screening.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer, which accounts for ¼ of all types of cancer and this is the cause of the highest mortality rate among woman, about 5000 people died from this every year. Whereas for men, prostate cancer is not only one of the top 10 common ones causing high death rate but also the obsession for men.

Moreover, Vietnamese people, especially,  those who live in other provinces do not have the habit of taking regular health check up, there is a limited number of people performing cancer screening regularly.  As a result of this, 70% of the cases are detected at a very late stage when it is almost incurable. This is exactly the cause making cancer a death sentence for anybody.

Early stage breast cancer can be cured. 90% of breast cancer women who have died could have survived if they were diagnosed with the diseases earlier, and this is the same case for men with prostate cancer and other types of malignant growth. Early cancer detection is not only the key to survive but it also helps cut down treatment fee and gives patient a look on bright side. A young woman may be indicated to have lumpectomy instead of mastectomy, may give birth to a baby even when she suffers from ovarian cancer or cervical cancer, or a men can maintains his sex life with prostate cancer.

Thu Cuc Hospital organizes the free cancer screening with the aim of giving chances of survival for cancer patients in other provinces. The event had the participation of well known artists such as Xuan Hinh, Van Dung, Cong Ly who performed a unique comedy named “Nothing to Fear”. The play brings laughter and happiness to people as well as calls for lifestyle change to deal with cancer by early detection, increasing the chance of survival. Especially, during the event participants have the chance to take picture with celebrities on the red carpet and hopefully, each picture will help spread the message in the community.

11/3 in Bac Ninh

On 11th of March, in Kinh Bac Cultural Centre, Thu Cuc Hospital started the event of offering free cancer screening packages and 1200 comedy tickets of “Nothing to Fear” show to 500 local people. This is a special performance with the participation of many famous artists such as Xuan Hinh, Van Dung, Cong Ly. This is the opening event for the cancer screening awareness campaign combined with nationwide comedy show “Nothing to Fear “.

Some pictures of the program:








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