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Thu Cuc Hospital launched the check-in campaign in response to “Action Month for Environment “

Not only be active in environmental protection activities, Thu Cuc Hospital also organizes many practical programs and activities to widely propagate the importance of reducing plastic waste and protecting the environment. The environmental protection check-in campaign on July 23rd is one of the activities organized by Thu Cuc to spread the message about the environment to everyone.


The consumption of plastic goods, especially single-use plastics has increased and become a “problem” threatening the environment. According to the United Nations report, a million plastic bottles are used per minute, and 5,000 billion disposable plastic bags are used every year. For a period of 50 years (1970 – 2018) the amount of plastic consumed has increased 20 times and is estimated to double in the next 20 years.

Plastic waste causes terrible harm to the environment

Single-use plastic items that cannot be recycled cause terribly bad impacts on the enviroment. Plastic waste which is buried in the soil can change the physical properties of the soil, causing erosion, loss of nutrients, reduced water retention, etc. When burned, plastic waste can create emissions containing Dioxins and Furans, which are toxic substances that seriously affect human health. Plastic waste drifting into the ocean also affects the life of sea creatures and marine life, causing ecological imbalance. According to statistics, there are1.5 million sea creatures die from plastic poisoning each year.

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In order to raise people’s awareness, minimizing the harmful effects of plastic waste and in response to the world environment day, Hanoi Department of Health has launched the “Action Month for Environment”. As one of the pioneering medical facilities in reducing plastic waste and protecting the environment, Thu Cuc Hospital has taken many actions to appeal and propagate to raise people’s awareness.

In response to “Action Month for Environment” Thu Cuc Hospital launched the Check- in campaign to protect the environment with the topic of minimizing plastic waste, protecting the environment, public health, and ocean health on July 23, 2020 at 216 Tran Duy Hung, Cau Giay, Hanoi. Through this campaign, Thu Cuc Hospital hopes to spread the message about the importance of protecting the environment to everyone, contributing to raising people’s awareness, minimizing the harmful effects of plastic waste for a green ,clean and beautiful environment.

Thu Cuc Hospital launched a movement to reduce plastic waste to protect the environment


Not only propagating information to raise people’s awareness about environmental protection, Thu Cuc Hospital also limits the use of plastic waste by practical and meaningful actions performed by its medical staff such as:

– Replacing plastic folders with paper folders

– Using paper bags for medications instead of plastic bags

– Encouraging staff to limit the use of disposable plastic items such as:

– Using glass jars or eco-friendly materials instead of disposable plastic containers.

– Making use of some recycled plastic items to make flower holders, pen holders, storage boxes, toys, toothbrush holders, jewelry containers … reducing the amount plastic waste into the environment.

– Having meals at the canteen, restaurant, or self-pareparing food and using glass, stainless steel, or eco-friendly reusable food containers.

– Using bamboo and rattan bags, or cloth bags, paper bags when shopping, bringing own-lunch to work.

– Using ceramic or glass drinking cups instead of plastic cups, using glass, stainless steel or grass, rice straws, etc.

– Placing a baby plant growing in a ceramic, wooden, pot on the desk.

Thu Cuc Hospital’s medical staff actively responded to the plastic waste reduction movement

Printing and publishing communication materials about the harmful effects of plastic waste and calling to action for environment.

– Carefully classifying plastic and nylon wastes for proper collection and recycling according to regulations.
– Making propaganda-like videos with vivid, easy-to-understand, stunning content and presenting them at its facilities and offices

Carrying out practical actions: cycling roadshow “Say no to plastic waste” along the streets around the 2 facilities. Other actions such as “Say no to plastic waste Sunday”, encouraging the staff to participate in picking up plastic bottles from West Lake.

At the same time, Thu Cuc medical facility system continues implementing green purchasing, aiming at replacing medical supplies, medical equipment, packaging, packaging tools, medication and chemical holders with environmentally friendly or reusable materials during examination, diagnosis, treatment and patient care.

Drastically implementing, disseminating, instructing, training, propagating and encouraging medical staff, health care workers, service providers, patients, patient’s relatives, medical service users and community on reducing plastic waste not only at the hospital but also in every family.

In addition to honoring and rewarding collectives and individuals with outstanding achievements in reducing plastic waste in the workplace. The hospital launched an emulation movement, promoted researches, proposed and applied effective solutions, initiatives and improvements to reduce plastic waste in medical activities, ensuring the safety of patients, community and environment.

These small actions can create big change to protect our environment and public health. So let’s join hands with Thu Cuc Hospital to limit plastic waste.