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As the leading brand of professional skin care and treatment, Thu Cuc Clinics has become a popular address for beauty care.

Established in 1996 and started from the largest medical spa in Hanoi, Thu Cuc Clinics has been developing constantly in both quality and quantity with a chain of clinics all over the country.

Thu Cuc Clinics are very popular with a lot of customers

What are the differences of Thu Cuc Clinics?
  • Thu Cuc Clinics is the exclusive partner of the global famous brand Bioline Jato (from Italy) in Vietnam.
  • A team of top surgeons, dermatologists and 100 % estheticians working there are qualified nurses.
  • Natural and safe beauty products with 3 times higher efficiency.
  • Natural beauty therapy combined with state-of-the-art technology is carried out according to a specialized, scientifically-approved procedure.
Services available at Thu Cuc Clinics
  • Facial skin care

Services provided at Thu Cuc Clinics are researched and designed based on common skin problems of Vietnamese women. 4 levels of skin care at Thu Cuc Clinics include: Basic skin care (for normal skin without complex dermatologic problems  and lesions); Advanced skin care for skin regeneration and anti-aging treatment; Intesive skin care (for skin with complex dermatologic problems) and specialized care for skin around the eyes, lips and neck, etc.

Some favorite skin care services such as skin whitening treatment with vitamin C; skin rejuvenation and facial whitening with DNA; skin rejuvenation with pure oxygen; Regeneration of aging skin with omega mask, etc.

Skin care service at Thu Cuc Clinics

  • Body skin care

At Thu Cuc Clinics, body skin care service is the combination of many services such as exfoliation and body care, body whitening treatment and body rejuvenation, full body massage, slimming massage, acupressure massage. Natural ingredients and high-class cosmetic products from Bioline Jato (Italy) bring great effect, the customers will feel relaxed and full of energy and vitality.

Some typical services include relaxation therapy with essential oils; hot stone massage; slimming treatment; Reflexology therapy with acupuncture, etc.

Hot stone massage for relaxation at Thu Cuc Clinics

  • High-tech treatment

Particularly, to provide customers with treatments of various skin problems, Thu Cuc Clinics is also the pioneer in applicaton of a wide range of modern aesthetic technologies such as Blue Light for acne treatment, Yag laser for melasma treatment, Diode laser for hair removal, Co2 laser for scar treatment, IPL for dark scar treatment, etc. Specically and scientifically designed treatments ensure rapid results, the high-tech treatment services offered by Thu Cuc Clinics has achieved the trust and become more and more popular with the customers.

  • Stem-cell therapy

P’cell stem-cell technology is the breakthrough in treatment of serious scars, wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles, melasma, puffiness, stretch marks, etc. This method is safe, suitable for all skin type, time-saving, etc.

P’cell stem-cell therapy is especially effective for ice-pick scars, enlarged pore treatment and skin rejuvenation.

Some popular services

Skin rejuvenation with Hifu, Thermage helps to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and improve folds and wrinkles for a firm, smooth, flawless skin.

  • Hair removal with Diode laser: this technology uses RF wave and wavelength 808nm to remove hair follicles, which effectively prevents hair growth at any parts of the body within a short-duration treatment. After treatment, the client shall be given a warranty card.
  • Acne treatment with Blue Light: Blue Light can penetrate deep into the skin, pushing the pimples up to the surface and kill the acne bacteria for optimal and safe acne treatment.

  • Melasma treatment with Yag Q-Switched: Q-Switched YAG laser technology selectively targets melanin located in deep layers of the skin. After each treatment, the skin becomes lighter and flawless as melasma is less visible and disappears.
Customer reviews

As a prestigious brand name in the field of beauty care, Thu Cuc Clinics since 1996 has affirmed itself a high-class brand of SKIN CARE and TREATMENT. Customer satisfaction is the motivation for Thu Cuc Clinics to develop more strongly, bringing joy and happiness to Vietnamese women with the motto: “Where there is demand for beauty care – There is Thu Cuc Clinic ”

Mrs Bui Trang (23 years old, Hanoi) shared:My acne has improved up to 80% after the very first section at Thu Cuc Clinics. I have never dreamt of this good result before”

As one of the first customers experiencing skin rejuvenation with P’cell exclusive stem cell technology at Thu Cuc Clinics, I feel very lucky. The signs of aging on my skin such as wrinkles, sagging skin are improved gradually from time to time” Ms. Bich Van (39 years old, Hanoi) shared.