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After over 20 years of development, Thu Cuc Clinic has asserted its position and become the leading beauty brand in Vietnam with a variety of beauty services, bringing the “makeover” for millions of customers.

Plastic surgery and high-tẹch treatments at Thu Cuc General International Hospital is developed based on international standard, providing customers with various beauty services which are highly welcomed and recommended by Hanoian women as a perfect destination for beautification. Thanks to enormous effort, the reputation of Thu Cuc brand has been affirmed through a series of prestigious awards presented by leading domestic and international organizations:

  • Gold Medal of Excellent Service by Ministry of Health in 2006.
  • Top 100 Excellent Vietnamese Brand awarded by Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations in 2007.
  • The “Outstanding Service” presented by The Guide Award – an award organized by Vietnam Economic Times and evaluated by the consumers in 2006-2007.
  • One of the Top 100 Integrated Development Enterprises awarded by the Central Commission for Propaganda and Education in 2008.

Thu Cuc International Hospital operates under the model of Hospital – Hotel based on international standard

Sịnce 2013, Thu Cuc Hospital has become an important partner of V-Plastic Surgery Group – a leading plastic surgical center in Korea. Through technology transfer seminars, a series of cosmetic methods have been exchanged, researched and applied successfully. Coming to Thu Cuc Hospital, customers are provided with a wide range of different cosmetic surgery services such as:

Facial reshaping surgery: including blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, cosmetic surgery of lips, chin, face, forehead, temple and dimples, etc., bringing women a graceful yet modern and attractive appearance with big beautiful eyes, a straight-edge and elegant nose, heart-shaped lips, a delicate chin, charming dimples, etc.

Impressive makeovers after plastic surgery at Thu Cuc Hospital

Body reshaping: Thu Cuc Hospital is qualified to perform liposuction, mastopexy and belt lipectomy – the cosmetic surgeries allowed to be performed only at a hospital according to Ministry of Health. Additionally, the acquirement of modern cosmetic techniques from America, Korea, etc… also plays an important role in helping women attain sexy and feminine appearance with round and firm breasts, attractive hips and a perfect body.

Before and after the liposuction and mastopexy at Thu Cuc

Trustworthy cosmetic brand for women with high quality and great safety

In addition to plastic surgery, Thu Cuc also offers various aesthetic services such as: skin care, cosmetic tattooing, etc., bringing a comprehensive beatification process to all women, from the facial features and body shape to the skin.

In Saigon, Thu Cuc Hospital has many branches with a wide range of beauty services to satisfy the customer’s demand.

To meet the requirements of supportive and loyal customers, Thu Cuc Hospital has opened a new branch in Ho Chi Minh City to bring the chance of experiencing the excellent beauty care services to women from this city and surrounding provinces. . Coming to No 55A – 3/2 Street, Ward 11, District 10 and No.159 Khanh Hoi Street, Ward 3, District 4, customers will be guided to schedule an appointment, experience beauty services and attain a charming and radiant appearance.

With the goal of becoming the leading cosmetic brand in the country, Thu Cuc constantly strives to expand the business and strengthen international cooperation to provide perfect service quality and ensure safety with the most appropriate price for all customers.

Notice: the outcome of the services depends on each patient’s body condition.