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Oncology Department – Singapore Cancer Centre

Singapore Cancer Center at Thu Cuc (SCC@TC) – Oncology Department at Thu Cuc International General Hospital is the collaboration between Thu Cuc Hospital and a team of leading oncologists from Singapore. Since its operation in 2014, SCC@TC has brought the chance of survival for cancer patients in Vietnam.

Oncology Department – Thu Cuc Hospital

Singapore is known all over the world for cancer treatment. SCC@TC brings a miracle to cancer patients in Vietnam by offering them services of consultation and treatment performed by 14 oncology specialists known as the most skilled and professional ones in Singapore (get information HERE) combined with experienced cosmetic oncologists and professional nurses. Hence, instead of travelling, cancer patients can save money and feel close to home staying in Vietnam and be entitled to the same services and treatment with the same quality as in Singapore.


Associate Professor. PhD. Dr. Ang Peng Tiam, a medical oncologist of Singapore Cancer Center in a seminar at Oncology Department, Thu Cuc Hospital.

Thu Cuc Hospital is equipped with advanced and comfortable facilities. All medical devices for cancer diagnosis and treatment chosen carefully to meet international standard, ensuring to offer customers best services.


Advanced medical equipment for cancer diagnosis and treatment

With 20-year experience in cancer treatment, Doctor Ang Peng Tiam points out that environmental factor plays an essential role in supporting treatment. Therefore, choosing SCC@TC, customers are entitled to therapeutics environment up to international standard. You will feel close to home and totally relaxed, this puts a possitive impact on the results of treatment.


With the best view of West lake, our in-patient wards brings customers real peace of mind and relaxation.

Once again, we would like to confirm that cancer is no longer a death sentence. There are many stories about the fight against the disease ending in success, and we are on a mission to make your wish come true.

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