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Odonto – Stomatology Consultancy

A bright smile bringing confidence in communication and is also the key to success for everyone. Thus, Thu Cuc Hospital always believes that odontology can change and improve the quality of your life. It is also the mission and principle of Odonto–Stomatology Consultancy in Thu Cuc International General Hospital. Not only do we treat periodontal diseases, overcoming the disadvantages of teeth, but we also try to obtain the best method to bring aesthetic beauty for every client. Having been invested heavily in technology in both General odontology and Cosmetic odontology, Odonto – Stomatology Consultancy can provide all dental services requiring the high technique that few institutes can perform in Vietnam.

Modern equipment in Odonto – Stomatology Consultancy

Modern equipment in Odonto – Stomatology Consultancy

Advantages of Odonto – Stomatology Consultancy in Thu Cuc Hospital is to provide dental treatment and cosmetic odontology with new technology, bringing maximum effectiveness, especially with cosmetic odontology. There are many modern techniques such as 3D automatic interactive simulation, bone grafting, implants, Invisalign correction, technology CAD/CAM.

Odonto – Stomatology Consultancy not only treats periodontal diseases but also becomes famous for Cosmetic odontology.

Aesthetic Dentistry

  • Teeth whitening

Bleaching method is totally harmless, simple and quick to improve the aesthetics of the teeth. Bleaching is especially useful for darkened teeth resulted from age, restoring the original color of teeth when they were young.

  • Dental porcelain veneer

A  porcelain dental veneer is a modern technology in the United States and Europe; however, due to the industrial complex and requirement of a high degree of doctor,  only a few dental clinics/ hospitals in Vietnam offer this service.

  • Aesthetic restoration (full set of teeth)

Aesthetic restoration can overcome nearly all of the downsides of teeth, to bring a perfect smile for teeth with too many defects.

  • Orthodontics

Intelligent orthodontic technology Invisalign is a new approach to bring a perfect smile for those who need orthodontics without metal braces. Invisalign uses transparent tray which is hard to notice even when someone is standing very close to you.

  • Gummy smile surgery

Gummy smile surgery is an uncomplicated surgery with few complications, extremely high stability, and instant effect. This method is optimal remedy for cases of gummy smile

  • Aesthetic filling: canine teeth, enamel filling for Enamel hypoplasia
  • Decorative diamond attachment
  • Gum transplant surgery for uncovered gum, dropped gum

General Odontology – Treatment for diseases as below:

  • Tooth decay, bone marrow diseases, diseases of the teeth root
  • Diseases of gum: plaque, gingivitis, inflammation around the teeth, bad breath
  • The children’s dental diseases
  • Diseases of the buccal mucosa: apthous, ulcers
  • Restoration with bridge, crown, removable jaw
  • Dental Implant
  • Benign tumor surgery and in the jaw area
  • Extraction of wisdom teeth

Not only does Thu Cuc Hospital invest heavily in equipment and technology but we also pay particular attention to sterile process strictly following infection control procedures of Ministry of Health. Each client will receive examination treatment with the specific kit which has to be cleaned and sterilized. Also, all equipment will be cleaned and sterilized right after being used such as sterile instruments, sterile handpiece, sterile computer’s chair. All these above procedures not intended for anything but to remove all risk of infection, guaranteeing the highest quality services for clients.

It is also worth mentioning that Odonto – Stomatology Consultancy in Thu Cuc Hospital has skilled, experienced doctors and medical staff. The Consultancy is run by a team of well-trained doctors in Vietnam and overseas, such as:

  • Dr. Do Quang Trung: Former Head of Odonto – Stomatology Dept., Hanoi Medical University; a leading expert on periodontal diseases, Executive Committee of Vietnam Odonto – Stomatology Institute
  • Secondary Specialist Nguyen Thi Thai: Retrained implants in Los Angeles, Invisalign in Thailand
  • Duong Thi Thu Hien: Graduated from the second class of Odonto – Stomatology Institute -Hanoi Medical University, Expert on Treatment of marrow
  • Nguyen Thi Thu Trang: Odonto – Stomatology resident physician graduated from Hanoi Medical University in Hanoi in 2010
  • Nguyen Tuan Anh: Experienced doctor in the field of odontology, adental implant specialist, representative of TIS brand(Korean implant) in Hanoi

With the tender, devoted and dedicated care of doctor staff, customers will feel comfortable and satisfied when receiving any dental service in Thu Cuc International General Hospital. When coming to Thu Cuc Hospital, clients will also be entitled to insurance coverage as in any other public hospitals with thoughtful and enthusiastic service attitude.

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