Opening Hours : from 6h30 a.m to 20 p.m daily
  Contact : +84 904 519 080

Neurology Department

In order to opportunely satisfy the increasing demand for examination and treatment of people, Thu Cuc International General Hospital has established Neurology Department undertaken by Specialist I, Doctor of Excellence Nguyen Thi Tam.

Patients coming to Thu Cuc Hospital

Patients coming to Thu Cuc Hospital

Functions – Mission

Providing examination, diagnosis and treatment for:

  • Headaches: migraines, headaches caused by blood vessels, chronic headaches…
  •  Neck – shoulder pain due to cervical spine degradation, cervical herniated disc…
  •  Lower back pain due to degradation, hernia, arthritis…
  •  Vestibular disorders
  •  Depression syndrome
  •  Dizziness due to ischemic
  •  Sleep disorders: acute or chronic insomnia
  •  Neurological disorders
  •  Peripheral paralytic nerve No.7: inflammation of cranial nerves, peripheral nerves such as carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder elbow pain due to sports…
  •  Hemiplegia due to cerebral infarction
  •  Dementia:  mild cognitive impairment, vascular dementia (dementia after stroke), Alzheimer
  •  Movement disorders such as Parkinson
  •  Epilepsy in adults and children

With skilled, experienced doctors and modern medical equipment, Neurology Department of Thu Cuc Hospital is considered one of the most reliable healthcare institutes for neuropathy.

For more detailed information or any other queries, please contact the Hospital to get assistance.

Address: No. 286, Thuy Khue Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi City
Hotline: +84 904 519 080

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