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Liver – Gallbladder Specialty

The liver is the largest organ in the body which has a vital role in regulating the life progression. Apart from the function of processing the food taken into nutrients, the liver has many other essential functions such as glycogen storage, plasma protein synthesis, production of clotting and detoxification factors.  The liver also produces bile, an important fluid in the digestion process. Bile stored in the gallbladder. Gallbladder concentrates and discharges bile into the intestine, supporting the digestive process.




Hepatobiliary pathology mainly consists of hepatic dysfunction, increased liver enzymes, hepatitis resulted from many different causes, liver abscess, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer and biliary tract illness. This type of disease has a high mortality rate. To be more specific, the annual number of hepatobiliary pathology is more than twice the death rate due to traffic accidents. It estimated that there are approximately 10,000 people dying of these diseases.

Liver cancer signs are quickly, accurately diagnosed by CT-64 scanner

Liver cancer signs are quickly, accurately diagnosed by CT-64 scanner.

To make the screening and diagnosis process more accurate, Thu Cuc Hospital equipped with many modern facilities such as biochemical machine, hematological machine, a high-quality ultrasound system, MSCT-64 machine… These systems assist doctors with screening, accurate diagnosis and monitoring some hepatobiliary pathologies such as liver dysfunction, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, biliary tract disease. In addition, to provide optimal and safest treatment results for patients, Thu Cuc Hospital also promote professional cooperation with many research institutes, top hospitals to perform comprehensive tests and advanced diagnostics.

Biochemical machine system performs tests supporting pathology diagnosis.

Biochemical machine system performs tests supporting pathology diagnosis.

There are many leading doctors, specialists in Liver Gallbladder specialty in Thu Cuc Hospital such as:

  • AsocProf, PhD, People’s Doctor Nguyen Xuan Thanh, Director of Thu Cuc Hospital, is consulting physician and lecturer in liver – gallbladder patholodies in Military Hospital 103. Dr Thanh used to practice and study in Internal Medicine – Digestive Department of Shimane Medical University under the direction of Prof Shimada – a Japanese leading specialist on liver – gallbladder diagnosis and treatment. Apart from directly treating liver – gallbladder pathology, especially viral hepatitis, Dr. Thanh has also conducted research in this field and published many studies on a foreign magazine which win recognition from researchers and doctors all over the world. With significant contribution to Medical Branch and community, in 2008, Dr. Thanh has rewarded the title of People’s Doctor.
  • Prof, Ph.D, Dr, People’s Doctor Nguyen Van Mui – Former Vice Director cum Head of Infectious Branch, Infectious Department in Military Hospital 103. As one of the students graduating from the first class of Vietnam Military Medical University, he successfully defended Medical thesis in Odesa – Ukraine in 1982. So far, he has made the greatly meaningful contribution to the development of national Medical Branch by providing effective treatment for thousands of patients, especially hepatitis patients. Moreover, Dr. Mui was the first one who succeeded in treating hepatitis through active elements from Solanum, procumbent, adenoma, glutinous, Phyllanthus, Nir Uri.

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