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As an international general hospital recognized and licensed by the Ministry of Health, Thu Cuc Hospital has full of departments, specialties that serve the examination, treatment and medical care for clients. Particularly, Laboratory is one of the key specialties which actively support other specialties in the examination, diagnosis and treatment process.

Identifying the importance of testing in diagnosis and treatment and concurrently wishing to provide clients with the highest quality medical services, Thu Cuc Hospital has fearlessly invested in advanced, synchronized medical facilities according to international standard in all the departments including Biochemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Molecular biology, Microorganisms and Cell…to maximally support diagnostic process. All these safe and excellent facilities are imported directly from developed countries with advanced medicine such as Germany, Japan, America, France…

Manufactured in Germany, AU 480 biochemical machine is one of the most modern machines at present.

Manufactured in Germany, AU 480 biochemical machine is one of the most modern machines at present.

Some representative machines as below:

  • Manufactured in Germany, AU480biochemicalmachine is one of the most modern machines at present. This machine can perform up to 500 tests/ hour. Thus, the test results are returned quickly, allowing doctors to early diagnose the health status of patients, assigning the most appropriate treatment.
  • Produced in Japan, Hematology machine is machine with high stability of test results, contributing to early diagnosis of diseases of the blood, blood-forming organs and other types of diseases.
  • Made in United States, France, the microorganism system which uses many environments, biological and chemical productions isolately cultures microorganisms, finding out the cause of infection and supervising infaction in hospital. Thus, monitor the level of antibiotic resistance in the community…

Laboratory in Thu Cuc Hospital has professional doctors, nurses and technicians with long-term training at major universities in the country and abroad and experience of working in central public hospitals. Besides, the Hospital has invested in modern, fully automatic facilities which produce quick and accurate results. Many types of tests from basic to comprehensive can be performed in Thu Cuc Hospital, including:

  • Hematology: complete blood count, blood group…
  • Biochemistry: bloodsugar, blood lipids, liver function, kidney function, thyroid function, uric…
  • Urine: 10parametersurine, urine 24 hours…
  • Microbiology: Throat culture, fungalculture, bacterial culture, flutest, Papvaginal, urethral, distribution testing, measlestesting, IgG, …
  • Immunity: HIV, hepatitis B andC, syphilis, earlydiagnosisof cancer(CEA, PSA, AFP, CA125, CA199, CA724, SCC. CIFRA21-1….)
  • Biopsy, Cytology

Based on specimens from other departmentss of the hospital send to laboratory such as blood, fluid, urine, stool, pleural, cerebrospinal… Laboratory will carry out tests with modern machine, quick process and most accurate results.

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