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In response to World Hepatitis Day (July 28): Successfully creating anti-virus antibodies to cure chronic hepatitis B

That is a valuable achievement in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B of Thu Cuc International Hospital shared at the seminar “A new step in liver disease control and treatment” held on July 23 in response to World Hepatitis Day (July 28).

Sharing at the seminar, Associate Professor, Ph.D., People’s Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thanh – a reputable hepatobiliary specialist with more than 40 years of experience, who has examined and successfully treated many patients brought a true picture of the current situation of liver diseases in Vietnam as well as a new perspective and specific regimens to successfully create antibodies for curing hepatitis B.


Chronic hepatitis B easily leads to cirrhosis and liver cancer. 80% of liver cancer cases in Vietnam are infected with hepatitis B virus.

In Vietnam, 20% of the population is infected with hepatitis B by 2018. Hepatitis B appears and progresses silently, it is difficult to detect in the early stages. Chronic hepatitis can easily lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. 80% of liver cancer cases in Vietnam are infected with the hepatitis B virus. Liver cancer is the most dangerous cancer, with the highest incidence rate and fastest growth in Vietnam today. Vietnam ranks 4th for the rate of people with liver cancer in the world. The death rate from liver cancer is very high, even close to the number of new cases. It is said that liver cancer is a “silent killer” because the disease occurs and progresses quietly. Normally, at detection time the disease has become severe and it is very difficult, even impossible to cure. Survivor rate of liver cancer patients is only a few years depending on the severity of the disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Vietnam had 25,335 new cases of liver cancer in 2018, accounting for 15.4% and is the top country of all types of cancer. This figure was only 9,400 in 2010 and 5,700 cases in 2000.

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In the same year 2018, statistics showed that the number of deaths from liver cancer was 25,404 cases, accounting for 22.1% and three times higher than deaths caused by traffic accidents.

The successful treatment regimen of chronic hepatitis B of Thu Cuc International Hospital was shared at the seminar “New step in liver disease control and treatment” held on July 23.

With deep expertise, long-time study and successful treatment for many patients with hepatitis B and C, Associate Professor Thanh emphasized: “Treatment of hepatitis is like a battle, there must be 3 factors: weapons, military and facilities. In this case, the drugs are the “weapons”. When the virus is at a high level, you must use drugs to bring the virus down to a low level to limit its destructive power. The “military” is the immune system. The more stimulating and good immunomodulation, creating more antibodies, the stronger our military, keeping the liver safe. Without the “military”, sooner or later your liver will be invaded by the virus. And finally, we have to protect liver cells.

At Thu Cuc, we always perform three tasks at the same time: antiviral treatment, immune enhancement and liver cell protection to build the strong military, ensuring high efficiency and best result of hepatitis treatment “.

In the spirit of World Hepatitis Day (July 28th), the seminar “New steps in liver disease control and treatment” is a practical response, aiming to raise people’s awareness of hepatitis B in particular and hepatobiliary diseases in general to control and treat liver disease, prevent liver cancer.

At the seminar, the patients who have successfully treated hepatitis B and C with the specific regimen of Associate Professor Thanh shared interesting and touching stories. They also have become a living proof for the meaning of early detection and proper treatment.

Associate Professor Thanh emphasized: “Treatment of hepatitis is like a battle, there must be 3 factors: weapon (medicine), military (immune system) and facilities (liver cells)”.

For nearly 10 years, the above specific regimens at Thu Cuc have been applied for many patients, therefore antibodies have been created and the disease has been completely cured.

Thu Cuc International Hospital has built a good reputation in the examination and treatment of hepatitis, cirrhosis and other liver diseases thanks to the following advantages:

A team of leading professors and doctors who directly provide examination and treatment:

  • Associate Professor, Ph.D., People’s Doctor Nguyen Xuan Thanh: A hepatobiliary specialist with more than 40 years of experience. He’s got the Doctor of Medicine at Shimane University Japan, being a Member of the Hepatobiliary Association, the Japan Society of Ultrasonics in Medicine, Former Director of the Military Institute of Preventive Medicine. The Associate Professor has participated in many valuable national and international research projects.
  • Senior Doctor, Meritorious doctor, Medical Specialist L.II Nguyen Quang Tuan: Internist, hepatobiliary doctor with 40 years of experience. Former Head of Department of Infectious Diseases at Bach Mai Hospital.
  • Dr. Ta Quang Mau (M.Med.; Meritorious doctor): Director of Thu Cuc International General Clinic with over 30 years of experience, Former Head of Department for Tropical Diseases – Ha Dong General Hospital.
  • Dr. Nguyen Van Khue (Medical Specialist L.II, Meritorious doctor): Internist, Former head of Outpatient Department of 108 Military Central Hospital, he participated a scientific training in Japan.

Modern medical facilities and equipment: Always leading in updating the latest medical treatment trends, Thu Cuc International Hospital is also one of the first facilities to apply modern method in the diagnosis and diagnosis of hepatobiliary diseases such as:

– Ultrasound elastography for liver diseases: An effective solution for rapid determination of liver fibrosis degree which is non-invasive, repeatable with high accuracy.

– MRI Scanner system: safe for patients (without X-rays), providing accurate, clear and detailed images of solid organs, especially the liver; ensuring accurate diagnosis of liver cancer at early stages.

– Multi-slice CT Scanner system: provides more detailed image of the liver and related structures in comparison with conventional X-ray.

– Tests for diagnosis of liver disease carried out by the robot as those used at 12/17 leading hospitals in the US for rapid and accurate result delivery, reducing waiting time.

Besides reasonable cost, we also accept payment through health insurance, guarantee insurance in accordance with regulations. Thu Cuc International Hospital is among the top 3 private hospitals, top 5 hospitals in Hanoi in terms of healthcare quality, achieving 99% customer satisfaction (survey by Hanoi Department of Health)