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In-patient Department

Being equipped with convenient, modern wards in hotel style and current hospital bed system, In-patient Department, Thu Cuc International General Hospital has become one of the first few medical institutes in Hanoi, which operate according to Hospital – Hotel model.

In-patient Department with large scale.

In-patient Department with large scale.

Modern equipment

  • Each bed is equipped with the system of central oxygen, supporting the treatment process
  • Emergency bell system installed at the bedside, in the toilet, and the bathroom is very convenient for patients to call the medical staff
Each hospital bed is equipped with modern medical facilities.

Each hospital bed is equipped with modern medical facilities.

Convenience of treatment rooms

  • Each bed has separated headphone connected to personal LCD TV, helping patients completely relax but still maintaining quiet in the ward rooms.
  • All the fully equipped ward rooms designed in luxurious and polite European style. Also, each room has a window overlooking West Lake to welcome fresh air and poetic, safe of the capital’s largest lake.
  • The hospital also provides hospital clothes, personal items for patients so that patients’ family does not need to bring with them.
  • Mainly, all the beds are equipped with versatile impeller according to the most modern technology
  • These beds can help change the posture of the patient according to doctors’request while maintaining the most comfortable feeling


Each treatment room is equipped with adequate facilities.

Taking treatment in In-patient Department, Thu Cuc Hospital, patients will feel like enjoying a real convalescence in a luxurious space like the hotel, along with thoughtful, considerate service style of skilled, professional and well-trained doctors, nurses.

Thoughtful, considerate service style.

In In-patient Department, patients can choose the VIP rooms with special care, perfect service according to specific requirements.

In addition, the Hospital also arranges place for patients’ family who want to stay overnight in hospital to take care of patients.

Coming to In-patient Department in Thu Cuc Hospital, patients will have chance to experience the service style of “Safe – Professional – Friendly” that few hospitals can do.

For more detailed information, please contact:

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Hotline: +84 904 519 080

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