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Imaging Diagnosis

The imaging diagnosis has a very criticalt role in medicine. Nowadays, modern equipment allows doctors to not only early and accurately detect diseases but also to limit unnecessary treatment procedures. Thus, an imaging diagnosis has participated in the front line of healthcare for people.

Thu Cuc International General Hospital has invested heavily in rare advanced medical facilities in Vietnam such as the CT-64 scanner, 4D color Doppler ultrasound, endoscopy system, endoscopy with anesthesia, modern bone density scanner, cerebral blood flow measurement, three channel ECG machine, X-ray, Mammography and much other modern equipments.

MSCT-64 – 64-slice multislice computed tomography system


CT-64 scanner in Thu Cuc Hospital

CT scanner is used to screen for early cancer, cardiovascular diseases, to accurately diagnose, monitor and evaluate prognosis, stages of disease progression, especially after cancer surgery. MSCT-64 is one of the most advanced CT systems in the world which score 64 pictures in one shooting circle. This CT system can expand clinical diagnostic areas such as cardiac, pulmonary, trauma and diagnosis in children.

Top reasons to choose MSCT 64

  • Clear and detailed images can be reappeared on multiple dimensions and in 3-dimensional (3D), allowing doctors to see lesions at different angles.
  • Time recording with fast speed allows scanning of some moving organs such as the heart and blood vessels.
  • Reduce radiation to patients, doctors and technicians.

4D color Doppler ultrasound system

Clear images with 4D color doppler ultrasound system.

Clear images with 4D color doppler ultrasound system.

Ultrasound is the technique using ultrasound waves to capture and study the internal structure of the patient’s body. The emitted ultrasound waves can pass through the liquid environment and only blocked by air mass, bone and tissue organization of the patient’s body. The responded sound signal will record, creating lively images of the target parts on the screen. The development of 4D ultrasound has marked a new era of ultrasound technology when black and white ultrasound images with unclear indicators turn into sharp, vivid and accurate color images.

Endoscopy with anesthesia

noi soi da day

Endoscopy with anesthesia eliminates uncomfortable feeling and produces more accurate results.

To help patients get rid of unpleasant feelings of nausea that stimulates peristalsis to pull during endoscopy, Thu Cuc Hospital has equipped endoscopy with anesthesia which makes endoscopy procedure smooth, comfortable, avoiding sense of pain, discomfort, and fear when taking endoscopy. Moreover, due to peristalsis without traction, doctors can make a closer observation of the entire smallest lesions in hidden locations.

Whole body bone density scanner

Whole body bone density scanner DXUMMT - the most accurate assessment for osteoporosis recognized by WHO.

Whole body bone density scanner DXUMMT – the most accurate assessment for osteoporosis recognized by WHO.

At present, Thu Cuc Hospital is using the Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry DEXUMT, recognized as the most accurate assessment of the presence and degree of osteoporosis (96-98% correct). With quick, accurate workflow together with synchronized equipment, Imaging Diagnosis Department in Thu Cuc Hospital has actively supported diagnostic process, providing the fastest and most accurate results with the least traveling time. Along with well-schooled, professional doctors and medical staff are trained, Thu Cuc Hospital is sure to bring clients the best service quality and expertise.

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