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Health Check Guidelines

As an international general hospital, Thu Cuc Hospital makes every effort to offer clients high-quality medical services with kindness and professionalism. For smooth and rapid process of practical testing and treatment, kindly note our policy and hospital procedures on medical examination and treatment as follows:

High-quality services at reasonable price make Thu Cuc Hospital the prestigious choice of numerous clients

High-quality services at reasonable price make Thu Cuc Hospital the prestigious choice of numerous clients

Examination and Treatment Procedures

Considering clients the center and the key factor for the survival and development of the Hospital, all the activities and services in Thu Cuc Hospital aim at bringing great care and maximum comfort to clients. When coming to Thu Cuc Hospital, customers are welcomed by polite receptionists and medical staff, who will give you detailed guidelines on examination and treatment procedures as well as some related preferential services such as Health Insurance, Member Card. In addition to this, these employees are always available for your support, giving you the instruction for appropriate consultation and specialty based on client conditions and demands.

Important notice before paraclinical tests

Blood Test is one of the basic and important screening method for examination and diagnosis of diseases

Blood Test is one of the basic and important screening method for examination and diagnosis of diseases

Diagnostic services

a/ Hematology tests

Hematology test is one of the most essential & conventional methods in any health care center, including several certain tests such as complete blood count, blood group test, fibrinogen (quantitative). This paraclinical test plays an important role in screening and diagnosis. It suggested that clients be nil by mouth 14 hours before the test, to ensure accuracy of the test results.

b/ Urinalysis

A urine test is also one of the most common paraclinical tests applied to patients suffering from liver – gallbladder problems. Patients are advised to clean the external genital area before collecting a urine sample. After the area cleansed, they should use the midstream void method to obtain the sample.
Such samples are contained in small plastic boxes provided by the hospital and sent to the laboratory.

c/ PAP smear

PAP smear is typically applied for women who experienced sexual intercourse to0 early detect cervical cancer and other gynecological problems. The most suitable time for this test is on the 5th day of menstruation. This test strictly prohibited for pregnant women, during menstrual period or women suffering from vaginal bleeding and visible vaginal inflammation. Typically, obstetricians and gynecologists would indicate the test after physical examination if required.

4D color Doppler ultrasound is one of the highest appreciated medical services in Thu Cuc Hospital


a/ For abdominal, bladder, lower abdominal (womb, appendage, prostate gland) ultrasound: clients are requested to be nil by mouth 4 hours before examination, drink a lot of water and abstain from urination to produce clear ultrasound images.

b/ For gallbladder, pancreas ultrasound: clients is requested to be nil by mouth and not drink water for at least 4 hours before the examination.

Hệ thống máy chụp X-quang công nghệ mới nhất tại bệnh viện Thu Cúc.

X – ray system with lastest technology in Thu Cuc Hospital

For X-Ray & CT-Scanner

These modern imaging diagnoses promise to produce accurate results quickly. When using these methods, to get the most exact results, clients need to follow instructions of the medical staff such as wearing hospital clothes, remove accessories and metal things and so on. Mainly, these methods are strictly forbidden for pregnant women or those having pregnancy symptoms as X–ray might negatively affect the development of a fetus.

noi soi da day

Thanks to endoscopy numerous diseases are diagnosed accurately

Gastro-duodenal Endoscopy

Clients are examined clinically by specialists before such specified services. To ensure accurate results, clients shall be nil by mouth at least 6 hours before the examination. In Thu Cuc Hospital, there are two types of endoscopy for clients’ choices, namely endoscopy with and without sedation. When choosing the endoscopy without any sedation, clients might experience some symptoms after the procedure that such as distension, light sore throat and so on.

For every medical service provided at Thu Cuc Hospital, it is ensured that clients receive clear, helpful and comprehensive instructions on examination and treatment procedures from the medical staff. They also get consultation and treatment performed by leading specialists with modern medical equipment up to international standard for safety and optimal efficiency.

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