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The Hospital – Hotels in Hanoi, Thu Cuc International General Hospital invests in the physical environment to provide clients with the most comfortable feelings when coming for diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, the hospital pursues global advanced methods for diagnostic pathology and treatment with the aim of offering people the best services.

may moc

Apart from physical environment, THU CUC HOSPITAL also invests in rare, advanced medical equipment in Vietnam

Luxurious, modern hospital in European style is the initial impression of almost all the customers coming to THU CUC HOSPITAL. The hospital has ten floors in the convenient and user-friendly structure together with elevator system which provides clients with a smooth transfer. Moreover, closely located to West Lake with light wind in summer and high humidity in winter, THU CUC HOSPITAL is sure to bring patients not only peaceful feelings but also great convalescent space during their time of treatment.

ko gian

Luxurious and modern space

In pursuit of becoming one of the leading healthcare institutes in Vietnam, THU CUC HOSPITAL has invested in a great deal of rare medical equipment, one of which is the latest system of the hygienic one-way operating room. This system has the capacity for up-to-date sterilization and air filter, supplying the operation room with pure air which helps to avoid bacterial contamination during operation and bringing better improvement after that. Each activity room is equipped with the sound proof system, stylistic lamp, operating table and many other advanced facilitators from well-known medical device suppliers.


Hygienic one-way operating room system which has capacity for up-to-date sterilization, supplying the operation room with pure air

Regarding Imaging Diagnosis, it is necessary to mention some modern systems according to international standards such as the CT-64 scanner, bone density scanner EDEXUMT, 4D ultrasound scanner system, three channel ECG machine, anesthesia for endoscopy, etc.

CT-64 scanner has ability in early diagnosis of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, allowing doctors to accurately diagnose, inspect, assess and anticipate phase of pathological conditions. This is one of the most advanced CT systems all over the world which can record 64 slices in 1 circle. This CT system can expand the clinical diagnosis area such as heart, lung, trauma and diagnosis in children.

The CT-64 scanner

The CT-64 scanner

At present, THU CUC HOSPITAL is using the Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry DEXUMT, which recognized as the most correct assessment of the presence and degree of osteoporosis (with 96-98% accuracy). It is the scanning system which uses X-ray technology to evaluate a patient’s bone density level. (an unheavy Dual-energy X-ray which produces no effect to patients and other people) and calculating the reduction of the energy when going through the target area.

loang xuong

The Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry DEXUMT – the most accurate assessment for the presence and degree of osteoporosis

Concerning of Diagnosis, THU CUC HOSPITAL is equipped with the lab room system of molecular biology, advanced microbiology culture media, antibiotic resistance test (include Helicobacter Pylori in the stomach), Helicobacter Pylori diagnosis through breath, and many other facilities which assist quick diagnosis for clients.

lay mau

Harvesting blood samples for diagnosis in THU CUC HOSPITAL

Regarding Aesthetic field, there are many advanced technologies applied in THU CUC HOSPITAL such as Vaser Lipo – the leading liposuction technology in America, Thermage rejuvenation technology, IPL, Blue Light, Laser and so on. These technologies recognized as safe and effective by FDA (American Food and Drug Administration).


Ultrasonic assisted liposuction Vaser Lipo – the leading liposuction technology of America

THU CUC HOSPITAL’s investment in material facilities has no other intention but to wish to create friendly, safe and high-quality medical environment for all the people.

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