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Eye Specialty

Eye disease is the fairly common disease that found at all ages. Although this condition looks slightly dangerous to life, it has an enomous impact on real lift as eyes are the windows to the soul. There are some common eye diseases such as:

  • Conjunctivitis, inflammation of the cornea corneal defects, lacrimal conjunctivitis,
  • Conditions of refraction: myopia (common in students at all levels (school myopia), vision
  • Diseases of eyeground: dark retinal lesions(disease of macular area), retinal tear and detachment
  • Glaucoma: the disease develops silently, and only discovered when taking an eye test (eye pressure measurement). Glaucoma is open-angle in glaucoma cases.
  • Cataracts: common in older adults, the disease, causes relatively high blindness rate.
  • Diseases of the orbit: disease-related metabolic system such as thyroid disease, patients with sore bulging eyes.
  • And many other eye pathologies.
Doctor is measuring eye vision for client

Doctor is measuring eye vision for client


Eye specialty in Thu Cuc International General Hospital has booted a masive investment in modern synchronized equipment serving the process of examination, accurate diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases such as automatic refractometer TR4000(Japan), X-ray microscope(Japan), ophthalmoscope machine(Germany)…etc.

Modern scanner

Modern scanner



Doctor’s recommendation for healthy eyes:

  • Do not read at a close distance(<30 cm) or in lying down posture. Sit when reading.
  • Sufficient light when reading: check the brightness before reading, too dark or too light are both harmful to the eyes, causing glare, blurred vision.
  • Lead a reasonable life; go to bed early, on time with adequate time(from 7-8hours/day). Scientifically use computer, spend time to recover eyesight
  • Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of green vegetables, fresh fruits in red, yellow color which supplies vitamin for avoiding dry skin, dry eyes

If there are unusual manifestations of eyes, please visit a doctor to receive timely diagnosis and treatment, leaving no complications.

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