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Dr. Ta Quang Mau

Dr. Ta Quang Mau (MMed, Meritorious Doctor) – Director of Thu Cuc International General Clinic.
With more than 30 years of experience in medical examination and treatment of medical and Med-Peds diseases at hospitals such as Military Medical Hospital, Treatment Team, Logistics Department, Division 391, 12th Corps, and Ha Dong General Hospital. Dr. Ta Quang Mau also held many important positions such as Department Head at Hospital for Tropical Diseases, cum Head of Vaccination Services at Ha Dong General Hospital.
With good professional knowledge and love for the profession, Dr. Ta Quang Mau has contributed greatly to the process of improving the quality of medical examination and treatment, and delivering medical services with the best quality to patients visiting Thu Cuc International General Clinic.
During the process of examining and treating the patients, Dr. Ta Quang Mau always shows his dedication to the patients. He, regardless of difficulties, is ready to deal with difficult cases, dedicated and considerate to the patients; listens and understands all their aspirations.
Due to such extensive knowledge, love for the profession, dedication and wholeheartedness to the patients, Dr. Ta Quang Mau has been chosen and trusted by many patients visiting Thu Cuc Medical Facilities.


Ph.D, Medical Specialist Level 2 Internal Medicine -Gastroenterology, Meritorious Doctor.