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Dr. Pham Huy Huyen

Head of Surgery Department – Deputy director who is in charge of surgery devision of Thu Cuc International General Hospital
The leading expert in surgical urology – andrology, he is well known as the doctor who applies minimally invasive methods and techniques in surgeries, making the treatment smooth, less painful, time and money saving.
The doctor with over 30 years of professional experience is trusted by many patients. He is a caring and patient-friendly doctor during examination and treatment, making the patients feel secure and less worried.
Throughout his career, Dr. Huyen also held many important positions, including Former Head of Surgical Urology Department – St. Paul General Hospital.
– Executive member of the National Urology Association
– Vice President of Northern Urology Association
– General Secretary of the Hanoi Urology & Nephrology Association


Ph.D, Medical Specialist Level 2 Internal Medicine -Gastroenterology, Meritorious Doctor.