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Dietetics and Nutrition Services

We’ve all heard the old saying “you are what you eat.” A healthy diet is an essential condition for a healthy life. However, not everyone knows how to build a proper diet for themselves as well as for the whole family; they follow the eating habits. Thu Cuc Hospital offers nutrition counseling giving you the key to achieve a balanced and suitable diet and ensure healthy lives for the whole family.

What shall we do?

– Assess nutritional status and give nutrition counseling to children, adults, pregnant women, patients under treatments.

– Create daily, weekly menus suitable for customer’s condition.

– Create appropriate lists or patients under treatment in the hospital.

– Implement and check, supervise food safety implementation, the nutritional quality of food served in the hospital.

– Provide guidelines for reasonable diet, food safety to all patients, relatives and health professional in the hospital.


Dietetics and Nutrition Services of Thu Cuc International General Hospital provides customers with consultation of healthy and appropriate diet.

Nutrition for patients

For inpatients: keep them under close observation, adjust and apply suitable diet for each patient and each medical condition to get a quick recovery.

For cancer patients: provide proper nutrition counseling for cancer patients under treatment to boosting their immune system and health promotion during treatment process.

For patients with diabetes, cardiovascular, metabolic disorders, hypertension: provide special diet suitable for their medical condition to prevent disease progression.

Nutrition for children

Assess nutritional status and give nutrition counseling to kids for their healthy development, ensuring healthy height and weight.

Provide nutrition counseling and create proper menus for children being sick.

Provide nutrition counseling and create the balanced diet for children with anorexia, growth retardation, rickets, malnutrition, anemia, digestive disorders

Provide nutrition counseling for children to increase resistance and prevent diseases.

Nutrition for pregnant women and breast feeding mothers

Provide maternal nutrition before and during pregnancy to maintain proper weight and ensure healthy mothers and babies.

Nutrition counselling and care for breastfeeding mothers, providing the best source of breast milk for infants.

Nutrition and Cosmetics

Nutrition counseling to maintain a good shape and youthful skin.

bs chuyen khoa dinh duong

Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Hoan is a professional with years of experience in consultation of Dietetics & Nutrition.

1st Degree Specialist Nguyen Thi Kim Hoan – the former Dean of Nutrition Department in Thanh Nhan Hospital is now in charge of Head of the Nutrition Clinic at Thu Cuc Hospital; she will directly assess nutritional status, provide consultations and create suitable menus for customers.

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