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Aesthetic Department

As the first healthcare institute in Hanoi which licensed in aesthetics, Thu Cuc International General Hospital has become a well-known leading Aesthetics Beauty Care Center in Hanoi and the country. Thu Cuc Hospital is proud to provide customers with premium, safe and reliable services.

Luxurious space in Thu Cuc Hospital

Luxurious space in Thu Cuc Hospital

Thu Cuc’s Doctors

Thu Cuc Hospital always considers customers’ safety as the first aim, advanced technology as the high point together with excellent physicians as the core element. 100% of doctors and estheticians in Thu Cuc Hospital have been severely trained and had time studying and retraining in countries with outstanding aesthetics field such as Korea, France, U.S.A. Professional skill and extensive experience of doctors satisfy the most choosy customers.

Customers are always consulted and examined by qualified doctors before any treatment to ensure the best effectiveness and the most safety.

Aesthetic capacity is a mandatory criterion for aesthetic doctors. In Thu Cuc Hospital, all physicians are not only well-trained but also have an eagle, sharp aesthetic eyes which can help to bring the best cosmetic result to customers.

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Customers are properly consulted before using any services in Thu Cuc Hospital


Located at no.286 Thuy Khue, Thu Cuc Hospital has a comprehensive system of examination, treatment, rehabilitation, nursing care, plastic surgery, high-tech treatment and restaurants which make an outstanding feature compared with other hospitals.

Thu Cuc Hospital welcomes customers with relaxed, modern atmosphere and smiles on the faces of enthusiastic, devoted doctors and nurses. Customers will find comfortable and satisfied with the system of the separate floor accompany with separate department when coming to the Hospital for beauty care and health care.

Hospital - Hotel style in Thu Cuc Hospital

Hospital – Hotel style in Thu Cuc Hospital

Medical equipment

In Aesthetic Surgery & High-tech Laser Treatment Department, there are much modern medical equipments such as YAG Color Laser, Fractional CO2 Laser, Dermatoscopy, New E-light, Vaser Lipo for liposuction – the only machine for liposuction in Vietnam.

The Department also has the latest system of clean one-way operating room which helps to avoid bacterial contamination during operation and bringing better improvement after that. Besides, the Department has Anesthesia machine with breathing Drager (Germany), Endoscopy machine Karl Storz (Germany), operating table with lamp MAQUET (Germany), Monitor device (U.S.A.), High-frequency electric knife 350W, Abdominal CO2 pumping machine, two-handle lavatory faucet with light sterilizer and so on.

Particularly, the Department has Vaser-lipo – the latest machine for liposuction which gets the certificate of the strict standard of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and CE (European Standards).

Operating room with modern equipment

Operating room with modern equipment

Customer Service in Thu Cuc Hospital

Customer service staff members are always on duty in the hospital for 24h/24h to take care of customers after surgery. Customers can really feel secure without their family and relatives. For those after discharging from the hospital, Thu Cuc Hospital offers the homecare service to ensure great care and hygiene. Besides, our hospital provides car for picking up customers at the airport and also helps booking hotel if required. Lifetime warranty card is our commitment to make sure customers experience the best beautycare service for their whole life.

24h/24h care for customers after surgery

24h/24h care for customers after surgery

Proud to be the first cosmetic clinic in Vietnam which offers the customer service according to international standard, Thu Cuc Hospital has a particular procedure for welcoming and serving customers as follow:  before – during – aftercare, free scheduling, welcoming, examining, professional after-sales service for all the customers.

Co-operation with the leading cosmetic hospital in Korea – V-Plastic Hospital


To provide the best aesthetic service to Vietnamese customers, Aesthetic Surgery & High-tech Laser Treatment Department signed a co-operation contract with the leading cosmetic hospital in Korea – V-Plastic Hospital. Based on the agreement between the both sides and with the principle of bringing the safest and most comprehensive service for clients, Thu Cuc Hospital offers all kinds of services ranging from aesthetics with surgery to without surgery (medical aesthetics). Right now, customers can experience Korean aesthetic technology without coming to Korea. In Vietnam, in Thu Cuc Hospital we provide cosmetic services with an individual procedure, quality and safety right according to Korean standard accompany with economical cost.

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