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Health Checkup Package & Medical Certificate for Foreign Workers in Vietnam

Thu Cuc Hospital operates under the model of international general hospital, with the advantage of a team of professional and experienced doctors associated with modern facilities and medical equipment.  Management Department of diagnosis and treatment (under the Ministry of Health) and Department of Employment certify that Thu Cuc International General Hospital is eligible for the implementation of healhcare services and provision of medical certificates for foreign workers. 

Accordingly, Thu Cuc Hospital is eligible for the provision of healthcare services and grant foreigners wishing to carry out procedures of application for work permits in Vietnam the medical certificates respectively.

Not only meet the conditions for expertise such as modern medical equipment, a team of experienced and professional physicians,Thu Cuc Hospital is also appreciated for the quality of service. Professional hospital interpreters who were trained and certified by Hanoi Medical University are always available for assistance. These interpreters directly provide oversea customers with interpreting and translation during their examination and treatment, ensuring that the customers be aware of their health status and there is no more language barrier.



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Hotline: +84 904 519 080

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